Tag: 4. Februar 2023

Damen 1 vs. Rüschlikon 2

What a fight

The last match before a long break. Our team is down in the ranking and gotta fight.
Enough injuries, enough sicknesses.
Show must go on. And so it was!
The match could be summarized with the term “fight” only. But I will tell you more.
5 long sets. Fighting for each point. Each ball.
First set was an intense set. Each point was a fight with long rallies. None of the teams wanted to give in. It was just the beginning. Damen 1 secured the first set with 33:31. So tight.
And it was so tight and so intense also the second set. After one hour from the start of the match, the second set was not over yet. This time is Rüschlikon winning the set but only after long rallies and with D1 Tornado winning back every point lost in the long rally before. 31:33.
Third set was another fight, not that long as the other two, but our D1 could secure the third set and 1 point in the ranking. 26:24.
Fourth set was less spectacular. Our team was tired and Rüschlikon could make many points in a row. 19:25 for the opponents.
Last set, the 5th. Show must go on, and the team wants that win. Both teams are tired but still fighting. Rüschlikon seems to be close to the win; Damen 1 fights and fights harder. The set is with us. The match is with us. 15:13. What an incredible and intense match!