Tornado Damen 2 collects 3 more points

ToTo starts slow and loses the first set, but when the Christmas cookies kick in the Damen 2 ladies wake up and win the game!

On a cold Wednesday evening at 8 pm, the two teams are gathering on the field in Adliswil Hofern to collect their energies after a long day (long year!) and engage in a friendly fight for 3 points in the league. Christmas cookies are shared – it is indeed a friendly atmosphere!

Wädivolley wins the first set, the ladies of Tornado Damen 2 are still thinking about those cookies on the bench… but then the sugar finally kicks in and ToTo wins the second set by 4 points! The adrenaline spikes up and the cheering on the ToTo bench can be heard down at the train station too! Less mistakes and better attacks are made. The result is another win by 4 points in the third set. The fourth set goes smooth, the Damen 2 ladies bring their bomb serving skills to the game and win the set with 15 points difference. The match is won, 3-1 to Tornado Damen 2!

There is one more match in 2022 before the Holidays. Everybody is tired from a long and eventful year, so let’s hope Damen 2 will gather their magical powers and get the last 3 points of the year on Saturday 10th!


Damen 2162525253
Wädivolley D4252121101


Hofern, Adliswil
Sonnenbergstrasse 22-28, 8134 Adliswil, Schweiz

Wädivolley D4