Last match of season 22/23. Last match at home. This is the only chance for Damen1 to keep the league. 3 points are desperately needed now!
Our Damen1 had extra trainings for this match and is ready in the gym since 7pm to further practice. Last chance!
Match starts on time at 20.30 in Adliswil.
First set. The tension is there. You can feel it. The team is not focused and even if Damen1 really wanted to win the set, they did not manage to secure it. 23:25 for Rämi.
The mood is down, is this all we can do?
Second set: game on!
Less mistakes, more focused, more aggressive. It’s a close fight. But this time is our damen1 to close the set. 25:23.
Third set: we need to send out a message out there! And the message is that we want to keep the league, no matter how tired we are, no matter how many of us are injured or sick, how many could not make it to the match. We are here, right now and we will fight for it.
25:17 for our Damen1.
Fourth set: o la va o la spacca. We cannot not win this. We cannot give away any point. Not anymore. Too many presents already during the seasons.
It is a tight fight again. Long rallies. Good services, good attacks, great defences, a couple of stupid mistakes but it s time to find out if we are up to our dreams!
Nervous, lots of tensions.
Herren1 has interrupted their trainings to come and support. Entire families and friends have joined our Damen1 team for this last push. And push after push, it s done! For 2 points. 25:23.
The match is ours, the league is safe, the stress leaves our bodies and we can just scream of joy!
Thank you for your support, thank you for reading this!


Damen 1232525253
VBC Rämi D1252317231


Hofern, Adliswil
Sonnenbergstrasse 22-28, 8134 Adliswil, Schweiz