First Spielsamstag of the Season

Each point counts! But maybe better to have done more.

Saturday morning ready at 9.50 in the gym. It is the first Spielsamstag of the season and the teams are preparing the gyms for the event. Damen 2 players are setting up the table for food and coffee and the opponents are ready to warm up.

Damen 1 is going to play against a team that till last year played 1st League. In these kind of matches, each point counts and it is a good occasion to play good volleyball and adjust to the level of your opponents.

This did not work that well.

First set: no changes during the set, mainly Tornado D1 mistakes with few attacks, and no possibility to build the action. Only 11 points were made.

Second set, 2 changes from the first set, new setter and new outside hitter. The opponent is very strong in attack and in defense. Damen 1 attacks struggle to break the block. Only 15 points were made.

Third set, again 2 changes, setter and another outside hitter. Again, the attacks do not go through the block of the opponents and our block gets torn down little by little.

The match ends within an hour with a clear 3:0 for the opponents. Lesson learned.

Let’s put this match in the back of the memory to focus and cheer for the next 2 matches of the day! Herren 1 and Damen 2 are also playing! And after the matches are over, time for Fondue!


Damen 11115110
VBC Kanti Limmattal D12525253


Hofern, Adliswil
Sonnenbergstrasse 22-28, 8134 Adliswil, Schweiz

VBC Kanti Limmattal D1