VBC Kanti Limmattal D1 vs. Damen 1

7.30 ready in Urdorf. This is Damen 1 second last match and every points count. Now more than ever. It will not be easy vs a former 1L team!
First set: at the beginning it seems an equal game. Some small mistakes but only 1 point difference. One second of distraction and Limmatal takes distance. Too much. First set ends 25:12 for the opponents.
Second set: Damen 1 knows they can do better, but it is time to show it! A different mentality and the set ends 25:23 for the opponents. Still better than the first set.
Third set: last chance for our Damen 1 to gain some precious points. The motivation is high and the team trained for this!
Damen 1 plays tips, good services, block out and wins the 3rd set. 23:25.
Fourth set: it’s Damen 1 last chance to get at least one point from this very important match. Limmattal Damen 1 is not giving points away; Damen 1 last push is not enough to close the set and Limmatal wins 25:12.
The result is 3:1 for the opponents.
All together it was a good fight. Hopefully next season, Damen 1 will have another chance to play their best volleyball as done in the third set!