First of December, cold outside, winter has approached the city and the first snow has covered the roofs of the little houses in Bülach. After driving around looking for a parking, we finally got to the gym. Our opponents have already set up everything and started warming up.
We start warming up as well. Something is different in the air. It seems that the winter sleep has got us!
We played our worse 2 sets giving up on easy points, mistakes at the service, bad reception, net touches and attacks in the net. The net has become our first enemy. 2:0 for our opponents.
Time to wake up girls!
Third set, no changes, same players, but just the time to wash the first 2 sets from our faces and focus a little bit more. Less mistakes, we are in the game again! We are back on track! Finally. 2:1.
Fourth set: still proud of our previous performance, we are fighting to get to the 5th set. No chance. They did as well, more. Unfortunately our opponents won the 4th set, leaving us with a defeat to deal with. Congratulations to Zuzu D6! Well deserved!


VBC Züri Unterland D6262524253
Damen 1241526211


Kantonsschule Zürcher Unterland, Bülach
Kantonsschulstrasse 23, 8180 Bülach, Schweiz

VBC Züri Unterland D6

Damen 1