The appointment is at 7 pm in Im Birch, in Oerlikon.

The traffic in the city and unfortunate situations blocked 2 players from reaching the gym. One will arrive 15 min before the match starts and the other one will never make it. That’s a real pity!

The gym is cold and winter has now arrived. Our opponents are unbeaten and leading the ranking. Volero has a very strong team this season with high-level players.

First set: no changes. Many mistakes and free given points. Focus is missing. The team is frozen. The set ends with only 16 points for our Damen 1.

Second set: no changes. The mentality has changed and the fight is more present. Better results, but still not enough. Only 20 points this time.

Third set: one change. Problems with defense and misunderstandings. Only 15 points.

The team will now focus on the last match of 2022 and will be ready for the second match vs Volero!


VBC Voléro Zürich D12525253
Damen 11620150


Im Birch, Zürich
Margrit-Rainer-Strasse 5, 8050 Zürich

VBC Voléro Zürich D1

Damen 1