First match of 2023 is vs that team we played against as last in 2022. We lost 3 points that time, this one we got them back.

12 players are ready to warm up; one on the bench unfortunately injured a couple of days before during the training to prepare this match.

The first set was good, but not great. The team lost the first set with 19 points.

In the second and third sets the team was more focused and did less mistakes; it was still a fight, but Damen 1 won both sets (25:22, 25:16).

Fourth set: the opponents made a series of points and they were at +6. The fear of a 5th set was in the air. 20-24 for the opponents.
The team was not ready to give up, the public that came to watch was not ready to give up, the Herren 1 team that interrupted their trainings to cheer was definitely not ready to give up!
We got the 21 point and the team became unstoppable. Tornado with a great series of services and hard&fast attacks wins the 4th set 26:24.

3 points for our Damen 1!
What a match, what a fight!


Damen 1192525263
KSC Wiedikon D2252216241


Hofern, Adliswil
Sonnenbergstrasse 22-28, 8134 Adliswil, Schweiz

Damen 1

KSC Wiedikon D2