Second match of the year; first Spielsamstag of 2024. Damen1 plays at home.

Many players unfortunately sick or injured. But this is also part of the game.

The match starts slowly; Zuzu has many young players, full of energy and eager to make points. Few players of the talent school to make sure not to repeat the results of the match held in December.

But it is not enough. First set is a little bit suffered, but Damen 1 secures it with 25:19.

Second set, Zuzu becomes more aggressive, conscious of the fact that they can hurt! They block many of the attacks and are successful during service. They get too close. One of our Damen1 player gets seriously injured. Zuzu is leading. It is time to let it go or get it all. Down of few points, when we all thought the set was over, Damen1 manages to close it 26:24. Second set secured.

Third set; Damen1 is back. No time for experiments, time to keep 3 points at home and repeat the result obtained in December.

Fewer mistakes, fast game, great communication and interaction. It is 25:13.


Damen 12526253
VBC Züri Unterland D21924130


Hofern, Adliswil
Sonnenbergstrasse 22-28, 8134 Adliswil, Schweiz

VBC Züri Unterland D2