Monday 20th of November. Quiet Monday. When I arrive at the gym, the teams are warming up. Two pretty solid teams. VBC Einsiedeln just got up from the 3L but is collecting several points already, so the guard should stay up.

First set: our D1 plays consistently and is few points ahead; almost sure to take the first set home, but one second of distraction that our opponents take advantage and win the set. 24:26.

Second set: no time for distraction. This time the set is ours. Long rallies lasting more than 1 minute. The fight is real. The game is on! 25:21.

Third set: copy paste, but better. 25:14.

Fourth set: something went terribly wrong. 9:25.

Fifth set: enough playing games, our Damen1 wants the win! Let s get back to the aggressive mentality of the 3rd set. 15:10.


Damen 12425259153
VBC Einsiedeln D126211425102


Hofern, Adliswil
Sonnenbergstrasse 22-28, 8134 Adliswil, Schweiz